The opportunity to get involved on campus as a college student is something everyone is grateful for. Being a student leader is such a great thing, don't get me wrong, but it is so exhausting in the best way possible. Here are 25 real struggles of being a student leader:

1. You schedule times to hang out with friends. Who knew that was even a thing in college?

2. When you realize there aren't enough days of the week in your planner.

3. People smile at you like they actually know you, because somehow, they do know you even though you've never seen them in your life.

4. When people don't know what acronym to call you because you have so many titles.

5. People forget you're an actual human being so when they see you in the dining hall for dinner they stare at you like, "Wow, you eat?"

6. You make eye contact with people that you know, and you know they know you too, but you're both too awkward to acknowledge each other.

7. You have to be cautious of literally everything you do.

8. "Are you free at 3pm on Wednesday?" "One second, let me check my planner."

9. You've caught yourself staying in on a Friday or Saturday night because you're antsy to add to your LinkedIn, update your resume or prepare for your next meeting.

10. All of your "non student leader" friends just don't get it.

11. Checking your email is second nature to you. "Get off twitter!" "What? "I'm just checking my emai.l"

12. Your wardrobe consists of club apparel from so many different organizations.

13. A handful of your meals are catered by the school. It's the best perk of being involved.

14. You know too much information about people who don't even know you.

15. The emails NEVER EVER stop. You send and receive them so much that it actually becomes fun.

16. Oh, you want to meet and get coffee for 20 minutes? Let me pencil you in. Does 2:15 work? Or 3:45?

17. You'd rather spend your time talking to your faculty/staff mentors than half of your friend group.

18. You are actually offended when people forget you were their (insert acronym here).

19. You have no idea what a nap even is anymore and when it happens, you wake up so confused, but so blessed.

20. You find yourself overwhelmed half of the time but you're not even mad about it.

21. You have attended more late night events than you thought was even humanly possible.

22. You try your best to keep your social media clean because you never know who is going to come across your posts.

23. You have been to more meetings than you have parties.

24. The to-do lists for your to-do lists are inevitable.

25. People ask you the most random questions because they just assume you know the answer to everything.

The list goes on and on. Can you think of any #StudentLeaderStruggles that weren't mentioned? Comment below!