Muslim Students Share Their Experiences With Islamophobia

At this Islamic School, students encounter subtle bigotry on a daily basis.

This May, there were 157 recorded incidents of anti-Muslim acts in the United States. In the wake of terror attacks in Paris, San Bernardino, and Orlando ― and as the presumptive GOP nominee continues to call for a ban on all Muslims visiting or immigrating to the United States ― Islamophobia is alive and well. 

The Huffington Post visited an Islamic School in New Jersey to hear students from grades 4 through 12 share their experiences with Islamophobia. The school, Noble Leadership Academy, has partnered with iFLIP4, a nonprofit that works with students to reflect on causes they care most about.

“I feel like Islamophobia is talked a lot about in the media, but not how to fix it,” says Sarah Alaeddin, who is in 11th grade. “It’s just acknowledged that it’s there, but everyone is kind of okay with it being there. They don’t want to try and fix it.”

Watch the video above to learn about the subtle ways in which these students encounter bigotry on a daily basis, and their approach to combating islamophobia. 

Video produced by Savannah O’Leary and Isabella Carapella, shot and edited by Savannah O’Leary, original score by Little Sur