Students Are Decorating Their Dorm Room Doors To Celebrate Black History

The #BlackHistoryDoorChallenge is for the culture.

Viral hashtag challenges are the internet’s thing. They usually involve people dancing or freestyling, but a new challenge urges folks to pay homage to black history.

Students at colleges across the country have been using their creativity to celebrate black history with the #BlackHistoryDoorChallenge. The challenge began on January 25 when Louisiana State University student and social media influencer Shawn Taylor tweeted a photo of his dorm room door decorated with the faces of prominent black figures. He urged students to follow suit. Taylor’s tweet has been shared thousands of times since then.

And all Black History Month long, students at historically black colleges and predominantly white institutions alike have been doing just that. They’ve put their own unique spin on how they’re showing off their black pride with various figures, quotes, facts and artwork.

Take a look at some of these dope designs from the #BlackHistoryDoorChallenge.

Way to do it for the culture, class!

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