Students Find Man Secretly Living In Basement Behind Locked Door

This guy's such a good roommate, you'd never even know he was there.

A group of students at Ohio State University were living in an off-campus home near the school for about a month before they discovered "some random guy" had been living in their basement the whole time, The Lantern reported.

Civil engineering student Mark Hartman told the campus publication that he and his roommates joked about having a "ghost" when they would notice their cupboards, oven and microwave mysteriously left open.

When this kept happening, the residents decided to search the house, and focused on a locked door down two flights of stairs in their basement.

They got their realtor to open the door, and discovered a fully furnished bedroom with pictures of a man, his family and his friends.

Computer science student Brett Mugglin, who also lived in the house, realized he had seen the man on the property once before, but assumed he was just visiting other people who lived on another floor. At the time, the man introduced himself as "Jeremy," and mentioned "I was wondering when I was going to get to meet the people who live here."

The residents took the discovery pretty well, leaving Jeremy a note and asking him to get in touch. When they contacted him, they moved his stuff out and changed the locks. Some residents of the house plan on taking legal action against North Steppe Realty, who they fault for not changing the locks and making sure the house was vacant before new tenants moved in.

This isn't the first time someone has realized they have a secret housemate. Last September, a South Carolina woman named Tracy started getting freaked out when she heard bizarre noises in her attic. She thought "there was some poltergeist stuff going on," but it turned out to actually be her ex-boyfriend, who just got out of jail and thought setting up camp in her attic was a reasonable idea.

And in January, when a 73-year-old woman in Washington state called in a repairman to fix her furnace, the repairman discovered a stranger had been living in the crawl space under her house.



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