Students Share Harsh Truths About Being #BlackOnCampus

These students are speaking out, and we are all listening.

The protests at the University of Missouri are shedding light on the challenges of being black at a predominantly white institution. Now, students of color across the nation have been inspired by the mobilization of Mizzou students and are speaking out about their own experiences with prejudice and discrimination.

On Wednesday, the hashtag #BlackOnCampus began trending on Twitter. One of the first tweets came from the black student organization, Concerned Student 1950. The organization has organized a series of student strikes that eventually lead to the resignation of the University of Missouri's president , Tim Wolfe, and its chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin. 

Several black college students and alumni from Mizzou, and other schools, responded to the tweet sharing their experiences with racial tension at their colleges. 

Black college students are coming together, and we are so here for it. 

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