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Students Turned Away from Polls in Wilmington, NC

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WILMINGTON, N.C. --- Students here are reporting being turned away at the polls.

The problems mostly seem to concern the fact that on campus students often have seperate mailing and residential addresses. On UNCW's campus, for example, students reside at a dorm and receive mail at a university Post Office box.

When addresses could not be verified by poll workers, students were turned away. Some students also say that they never received voter registration cards and they could not find their registration status online.

The following video shows an Obama volunteer on UNCW campus who witnessed what happened.

During North Carolina's One Stop Early Voting, voters can still register, change address, or resolve other problems with registration and vote at the same time. Many students say they never received their voter registration cards despite turning their registrations forms in well ahead of time. They are advised to take advantage of early voting to resolve any problems with registration that may exist.

The Obama campaign is advising students to bring a photo ID when they live on or off campus and are registered; a photo ID and a piece of mail when they live off-campus and are not registered; and official ID and a letter from residence coordinator showing the dorm's physical address when they live on campus and are not registered.

The campaign is also advising students to contact the local Obama headquarters if, despite the evidence of residence on campus, they are turned away.

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