'Studs In Love,' Queer Digital Leather Cover, Released By The Hussy (NSFW)

WATCH: Studs In Love (NSFW)

When was the last time you saw queer video art that draws heavy inspiration from Tom of Finland? Well, if you've been getting anxious, fear not -- "Studs In Love" does just that and much more.

From the mind of director Shane O'Neill comes this music video for a song by the two-piece garage band The Hussy. "Studs In Love" is off the group's new 12" split with the band Digital Leather called "False Trails/Hash Grails."

The video features a number of performers from the "Queer New World" that is the Brooklyn queer/drag scene, including Dominic Andolina aka Alotta McGriddles, Oddly Enough, Princess Mickey Jager and O'Neill himself.

The Huffington Post chatted with O'Neill this week to learn more about the concept for "Studs In Love," as well as his thoughts on representing queer culture through this work.

The Huffington Post: What was your team trying to communicate through this video?Shane O'Neill: I had been considering attempting to make music videos for quite some time, and when I saw The Hussy perform this song at the High Noon Saloon when I was back in Wisconsin in December, I knew that this was the song I wanted to do. The song is simultaneously defiant and ridiculous, which I just love. It's hard for me to get excited about something unless there's at least a trace element of something funny, and hearing Bobby whine that he likes hairy asses still makes me giggle. I wanted the video to reflect the song's spirit of hyper-masculinity crossed with absurdity. And I wanted to make a pun on the word "stud."

Do you feel like this representation of the queer community receives as much visibility as more mainstream portrayals of queer identity? O'Neill: The queer scene I'm depicting in the video doesn't really exist for me outside of fantasy. I mean, if a location can accommodate more than two people, then chances are at some point gay guys have met and hooked up there, but I have yet to actually witness a full-on Tom of Finland daddy cruising at a garage show. That said, I would love for that to become a reality. I say: more leather daddies at rock clubs now!!

The Huffington Post: Why is this video important?The video is important to me primarily because I adore The Hussy, both as a band and as friends, so getting to be a part of their work is such an honor and completely exciting. Personally, the video gives me warm feelings because it speaks to the communities I'm so happy to be a part of: DIY music out of the midwest, the Brooklyn drag/queer community (as evidenced by Dominic aka Alotta McGriddles, Oddly, and Princess Mickey Jager), and the people I know who work in film. There was basically zero budget for this, which is the way I've always made 90 percent of my work, and it was really heartwarming to work with other people who were also interested in making this video for the sake of making the video. Obviously, in a perfect world I'd love to have the dollars to pay people with more than just love of the game, but in the meantime I'm so grateful to all the sweet creative people who helped make this little project happen. I also just hope it gave some people a chuckle.

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