Study: How Marriage Equality Affects Straight Couples (VIDEO)

Opponents of marriage equality claim that there are "negative consequences" to letting gay and lesbian couples marry. Marriage will deteriorate, they claim; fewer straight people will want to be a part of the institution.

Well, that's a fine thing to claim, but the evidence just isn't there. Researchers at Portland State University examined states with marriage equality or strong civil unions and found no decline in marriage rates.

They went as far back at 1988, but presumably those "negative consequences" should be happening aaaaaaany day now...

Meanwhile, we have another national survey that shows a steady increase in support for equality. The margin in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll shows a margin of 17 percent. That's the second-highest margin ever recorded in a major national poll, and it's consistent with an accelerated growth in support that's been going on since 2006.