Study Shows British Men Favor Brunettes Over Blondes

Study: Do Men Prefers Brunettes Or Blondes?

Conventional wisdom may have men favoring blondes, but a new UK study shows that actually men prefer brunettes.

As reported by the Daily Mail, social networking site Badoo polled 2,000 British men, asking them the features they found most attractive in women.

The surprise was that almost 60 percent of men found dark hair to be more preferred than light, with 33.1 percent picking brown hair as the most attractive and 28.6 saying black hair is the sexiest.

29.5 percent of gentlemen did, indeed, prefer blondes.

As for shape, do British dudes take their women skinny, curvy or somewhere in between?

Based on our somewhat unscientific calculation (converting UK dress sizes to American sizes), 38.8 percent of men actually favor a pretty average girl -- about a size 8 or 10. As for the skinny girls, the ones everyone is supposed to love? Only ten percent of British males find a size 2 or size 4 woman most attractive.

Are we entirely surprised? Yes and no. We know many men who have expressed preference for brunettes (although we usually didn't believe them), so that's not too much of a shock...

What is more surprising is the size preferences. Especially in the UK, where super-slender sisters Kate and Pippa are held aloft as Britain's finest, it is intriguing to learn that British men actually prefer their real women with curves.

When asked how they felt about their overall body image, 15 percent of American women gave the positive response, "I was made to be naked," while only one out of ten UK women felt so sure. When it came to feeling beach-ready, 30 percent of American women said they felt happy in a bikini, while only 12 percent of British women felt the same way.

Maybe the British women would feel more confident if they knew their men loved them just the way they are.

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