Study: One In Three Bosses Think Women Wear Too Much Makeup To Work (POLL)

Do you want to climb the corporate ladder? It'll take more than wearing Tory Burch flats or a Tiffany watch.

Wear less makeup, says a new study.

A new survey by UK-based finds that 1/3 of bosses believe some of their female co-workers wear too much makeup to work, reports the Daily Mail.

The worst cosmetics sins, according to the study? Having bright red lips, overly made-up eyes and too much blush. Bold lips ranked as the biggest faux pas, with 32% of managers saying the look was too overwhelming for the office.

There's a silver lining, though, makeup-loving ladies: 12% of bosses say they like women to wear a moderate amount of make-up to work.

And lest you think the survey gender-lopsided, the poll included 500 male and female bosses.

But, of course, there's always a different survey: one commissioned by Procter & Gamble last month finds that makeup can actually enhance your image at the office.

Do you think makeup is A-OK for work? Read more at the Daily Mail, and vote in our own poll below.