Study Paints iPhone Users As Porn-Watching Egomaniacs

iPhone users find cool gadgets more attractive than college degrees, frequently watch "adult material" on their phones, and have no qualms texting or emailing a break up, reports a new study from Retrevo.

The not-entirely-scientific results come from a study comparing iPhone owners to Blackberry users.

A few of the stats from the survey:

Retrevo asked, "What makes a person most attractive to you?" iPhone owners preferred cool gadgets over a college degree three to one.

One in three iPhone owners has texted or emailed their significant other to break up.

One in three iPhone owners say that, if their partner had out-of-date gadgets, it would be a turnoff.

One in five iPhone owners admits to frequently watching "adult material" on their iPhones. (Twice as many as BlackBerry owners).

One in four iPhone users has broken up with their partner because that person spent too much time on their mobile device.

The study also noted that, "Compared with other cell phone users, iPhone owners are more likely to see themselves as media buffs, extroverts, and intellectuals," with 40% of iPhone users
claiming to be "intellectual," and only 36% of Blackberry users saying the same.

These results should, of course, be taken with a grain of salt. As ReadWriteWeb notes,

Clearly, this survey wasn't meant to be an in-depth examination of the smartphone toting population...And by keeping the sample size to a low number - only 445 individuals - there's no guarantee that these folks are representative of the population at large in any way...Still, you have to wonder if there isn't a tiny bit of truth hiding in these numbers somewhere.

What do you think? Can you identify? Let us know!