Study Shows Chicago Needs to Do More for Veterans

In honor of the nation's veterans, WalletHub conducted an analysis to determine the best and worst cities for veterans to call home.

As the study points out, benefits such as financial assistance, support for education and health care, although helpful, are becoming increasingly inadequate for veterans. Nearly 422,000 of the 21.1 million veterans living in the U.S. are unemployed. Many of the unemployed are disabled because of combat-related injuries. Thousands more are seriously in need of mental health care at a time when the prevalence of post traumatic stress disorder and suicide rates among combat veterans have reached staggering levels.

To determine which of the 100 most populated cities are the best and worst for veterans to live in, WalletHub assessed 18 key metrics ranging from the percentage of military skilled-related jobs and the veteran unemployment rate, to the availability of VA health facilities and educational opportunities.

Here's how Chicago ranked overall, as well as its individual ranks for "economic wellness" and "environment, education and health."

Let's just say Chicago has a lot of room to improve.