Study Tips: 10 Stress-Reducing Strategies For Acing Your Next Exam

10 Ways To Make Exams Less Stressful

Think twice before you pick up that highlighter. Did you know that taking a practice test or handwriting your notes instead can help you retain more information? Not all study strategies are created equal, and when it's getting down to the wire before the ACT or your American History final, being strategic about how you spend your study time can save you a lot of stress.

We're not here to tell you that you shouldn't be stressed about your exam, whether it's a big final or the SAT -- a little exam stress is pretty much inevitable, and it can help motivate you to work harder. But we do know that waking up in a panic on exam day, with the imprint of a textbook on the side of your face, is completely avoidable. Minimize your anxiety and maximize your study time by following the 10 pre-exam strategies in the slideshow below.

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Before You Go

Handwrite It On Paper

10 Study Tips To Make Exam Prep Less Stressful

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