Stuff I Make Fun Of That I Actually Fucking Love

photo of me, learning to embrace the hate

  • horoscopes
  • choker necklaces
  • crystals
  • apps for making people bring me food
  • apps for making people drive me to places
  • apps for making people come to my house and build my ikea bed
  • apps for making people pick up tap shoes from my Broadway friend and bring them to me so I can use them in a sketch comedy show for 12 seconds
  • apps for finding people to fuck
  • mists that change the energy of a room
  • winged eyeliner
  • improv comedy
  • $10 juice
  • $13 salads
  • macro bowls
  • chia seeds
  • pure barre class
  • being hot
  • being horny
  • being online
  • getting nice n drunk
  • indie girl singing voice that sounds like you are whispering into a cup of yogurt
  • greek yogurt
  • greta gerwig
  • falling in real love and spending all your time with your love and taking lots of pictures of your love and making weird little noises with your love because o my aren't they beautiful and we are all going to die
  • urban outfitters