Stuff Miami Heat Fans Say: Meme Lives On In Jabs At Chris Bosh, Eric Spoelstra, and The Whole 305 (VIDEO)

Just when you'd forgotten about the whole 'Sh*t Girls Say' meme, up pops another one -- and this time, it's making fun of us all over again.

While the theme may be dead (though we admit to still saying "leeterally!" just to make our friends laugh) the Heat sure aren't, and there's no fanbase on earth more ridiculed these days -- though, as the clip "Stuff Miami Heat Fans Say" points out, it's clearly just jealousy. After all, we've got LeBron and Dwyane Wade, and as our humble representative above notes in the most Gumpian 305 manner: "We're probably gonna get Steve Nash. We might get Lamar Odom. We might get Dwight Howard. We might get Kevin Durant." (Hey, we might!)

Naturally, this segues into an idea to trade Mario Chalmers for Rajon Rondo, before the everyman Heat fan's worst and least self-aware realization: "We don't have the cap space."

Which of our other bon mots made the cut? Despite the video being made by confessed Orlando Magic fan 'Scooter Magruder', he's pegged us pretty well with a derisive "What was Bosh doing last night?", a mournful, "I miss Zo", and the all-time classic, "If we don't win this year, fire Spoelstra," a staple now since 1998. Even "Dooooos Minutoooos!" is included, though we do have a bone to pick: not a single "Bro!" was heard, and not a single reference to fans' eternal consternation that James Jones isn't playing more.

But whatever. We're from Miami, we've been to Calle Ocho, and "we're gonna win...the next ten years, probably." Let's go heat!

[Hat tip: Miami New Times]