Stuff You Probably Missed on the Internet Today

Alison Gold has the internet's worst song "Chinese Food". From the creator's of Rebecca Black's "Friday" song, comes a horrible ode to a young girl's love for Chinese Food. The song is terrible, the video is terrible, and now I hate Chinese Food. This song may actually be worse than Double Take's "Hot Problems" song. Remember that mess?

Also a man in Florida that is on death row, is basically a test "lab rat" for a new drug that is getting switched out in the leathal injection cocktail. The man will be issued Midazolam. It hasn't been tested for lethal injections before, and if everything goes wrong, Florida has broken the 8th Amendment.

To round up today's news, a man dances in four bars to Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" song and the bar patrons love it. And two wonderful people adopt a pregnant dog from a shelter, and the dog gives birth the next day to twelve adorable puppies.