Stuffed Animals As Travel Companions: Share Your Photos! (PHOTOS)

Apparently, it's not hard to come by adults who travel with furry companions. In August, Travelodge reported that roughly 25% of male business travelers bring their stuffed animals with them when they travel. Then in November, HuffPost Travel brought you Furry Toys Tours, a Paris-based company who, yes, show people's stuffed animals the town.

While we're not ones to judge, we stumbled upon hysterically endearing photos of a stuffed lemur being trotted across the globe. From London to the White House, this lemur seems to have been taken everywhere. This got us thinking: there must be people who take photos with their stuffed animals...on public.

Check out the lemur's adventures below. And don't be shy: If you photograph your stuffed animal at monuments or parks or anywhere, really, around the world, send in your photos. We'd love to see them!

Stuffed Animals As Travel Companions