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Stuffed Bear Missing, 'Kidnappers' Demand $10,000 Of Gluten-Free Cupcakes

After a distraught 2-year-old lost his stuffed bear blanket, his mother posted signs around her Cobble Hill, Brooklyn neighborhood hoping that Mr. Bear would be returned, reports the Brooklyn Paper. She promised baked goods and good karma as a reward, but instead found a ransom note that read:

We have the blanket. Nothing will happen to it if we get $10,000 of gluten-free cupcakes delivered to this park. I’ll be dressed as a pregnant woman with a baby in a stroller. My accomplice will be wearing a T-shirt, baseball cap, cargo shorts and mandrals. We’ll be obsessing over our toddler. Come alone or this blanket (and bear) goes into the washer. No gentle cycle!

The kidnappers left no contact information. Although their note may poke fun at the neighborhood demographics, we feel sorry for Mr. Bear and his toddler owner. As fellow childhood victims of stuffed animal theft, we know that such tragedies can impact you for years afterwards...

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