Stuffed Cow Saves Toddler In 2nd-Story Fall

The plush toy cushioned the 2-year-old's plunge from an open window.

If you’re going to have a cow, this is the one.

A 2-year-old boy in Chelsea, Massachusetts, may owe his life to the stuffed cow that cushioned him in a fall from a second-story window on Wednesday, authorities said.

“He fell about 16 feet onto concrete. He could easily have broken bones or been very seriously injured,” Chelsea Deputy Fire Chief John Quatieri told The Boston Globe. Police Chief Brian Kyes said the toy “broke his fall.”

The boy, whose name was withheld by authorities, was bouncing on his bed Wednesday afternoon and accidentally sailed right through an open window, the Globe reported. He landed on a concrete slab in the backyard, but avoided serious injury because he had been clutching his beloved 2-foot tall stuffed cow.

The boy’s great uncle, Luis Estrada, said he was shocked when he saw the child fly out the window.

I was paralyzed,” Estrada said, according to the New York Post. “We rushed down to get him and we grabbed him, he was shaken. I thank God for everything, he was watching over us.”

The boy sustained some abrasions and a laceration on his forehead, Quatieri told reporters. He was held overnight at Massachusetts General Hospital for observation and was “doing fine” Thursday, the police chief said.

Kyes sent out a tweet showing the cow also appeared to have survived the ordeal in good shape.



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