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Stuffed Maple Acorn Squash With Sausage And Shiitakes

In the Pantry Challenge video series, Lauren Braun Costello -- chef, author and food stylist -- shows busy moms how to make meals using ingredients they already have in their pantries, solving their unique cooking challenges. In this episode, Lauren shows Silu N., a mother of two, how to make a quick and hearty seasonal meal.

To begin the dish, Lauren cuts two acorn squash in half, then cuts a thin slice from the bottom of each at an angle to make the squash stable. Next, she scoops out the centers, reminding Silu that the seeds are much like pumpkin seeds, and would be great roasted with some olive oil and sea salt.

Once the squash are prepared, she moves on to the stuffing. She begins by adding prepared Stove Top stuffing to a bowl. To boost flavor, she cooks up some pork sausage, and once it's browned, cuts it into pieces and adds it to the stuffing. Next, she sautées chopped onions in the leftover pork fat, and adds them to the mix once they're soft. The final ingredient is shiitake mushrooms. She adds a little oil to the pan, then cooks the mushrooms until they're golden and adds them to the stuffing. Lauren adds dried thyme and dried sage, then stirs the stuffing to make sure all of the ingredients are combined.

Then, all that's left to do is fill the squash. She spoons the filling into each cavity, forming a rounded mound, then places them in a baking pan. To keep things moist, she adds some water to the pan before baking, then slides them into the oven.