StumbleUpon Marriage Proposal: Tyrel Hartman Contacts Support Team To Pop The Question (VIDEO)

StumbleUpon Marriage Proposal: She said yes!

A lot of time and effort go into planning a marriage proposal, but how many folks can say they enlisted the help of a community-based web browsing site?

Well, Tyrel Hartman can.

He arranged for his girlfriend Marquita Arguello to find his plotted Tumblr page as she surfed StumpleUpon, according to Mashable, who first reported on the story.

A series of photos on the Tumblr page featured Hartman holding signs dedicated to Arguello, with the final four slides slowly popping the question: Will you marry me?

Needless to say, she said yes.

The StumbleUpon Support Team agreed to ensure Arguello found the blog. And there were some visual clues along the way, Mashable reports:

StumbleUpon surprised him by agreeing to rig his girlfriend’s account so that it would recommend his proposal site at an exact time. Hartman picked pages that he wanted Arguello to find leading up to the proposal, like a series of zombie wedding photos, a video of a dog saying “I love you” and a graphic with the words “Say yes!”

Take a look as Arguello discovers her surprise in the video below.

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