40 Stunning Earthen Architecture Projects Honored Around The World

Project materials include light clay, poured earth, compressed earth block and adobe.
The Great Wall of Western Australia (Pilbara, Western Australia, Oceania) / Luigi Rosselli. Image: Edward Birch

Terra Award, the first international prize for contemporary earthen architectures, has released a shortlist of 40 projects competing for awards in nine categories. The finalists selected span five continents and 67 countries. Each entry was evaluated on a range of topics including: architectural quality and landscape integration, environmental approach and energy performance, creativity and innovation, technical performance, local economy and social intensity, and showcasing of skills. Project materials range from light clay to cob, poured earth, wattle and daub, compressed earth block (CEB), adobe, rammed earth, and others.

As a widely-available sustainable material with low-energy production, the competition seeks to highlight the possibilities of earthen construction in order to promote broader uses in the future. An award committee chaired by Wang Shu will meet on July 9 to select the winners. The announcement will be followed by an award ceremony in Lyon, France, on July 14 at the Terra 2016 World Congress, part of a series of events celebrating ‘‘Lyon 2016, capitale de la Terre."

Here is a preview of the winners (see more over at ArchDaily).

1. Munita Gonzalez House (Santiago, Chile)

Munita Gonzalez House (Santiago, Chile, South America) / Arias Arquitectos Asociados, Surtierra Arquitectura. Image: Luis Garcia-Arias Arquitectos

2. 21st Century Vernacular House (Ayerbe, Spain)

21st Century Vernacular House (Ayerbe, Spain, Europe) / Angels Castellarnau Visus. Image: Angels Castellarnau Visus

3. DESI Training Centre (Rudrapur, Bangladesh)

DESI Training Centre (Dipshikha Electrical Skill Improvement) (Rudrapur, Bangladesh, Asia) / Anna Heringer. Image: Kurt Hoerbst

4. Pavilion Ruca Choro (Cauquenes, Chile)

Pavilion Ruca Choro (Cauquenes, Chile, South America) / Patricio Merino Mella. Image: Patricio Merino Mella

5. Zenkonyu x Tamping Earth (Marugame, Japan)

Zenkonyu x Tamping Earth (Marugame, Japan, Asia) / Tadashi Saito and Atelier NAVE. Image: Toshihiro Misaki

6. Urrn-Graves Cemetary (Innsbruck, Austria)

Urrn-Graves Cemetary (Innsbruck, Austria, Europe) / Renate Benedikter-Fuchs. Image: Laurin Naschberger

7. Sewing School Steel-Earth (Niamey, Niger)

Sewing School Steel-Earth (Niamey, Niger, Africa) / Odile Vandermeeren. Image: Gustave Deghilage

8. Schap! 2011, (Magagula Heights, South Africa)

Schap! 2011 (Magagula Heights, South Africa, Africa) / Team Carinthia University of Applied Sciences 2010/11. Image: Schap! 2011

9. Phoolna, Community Hall and Housing for Teachers (Sunderpur, India)

Phoolna, Community Hall and Housing for Teachers (Sunderpur, India, Asia) / Johannes Sebastian Vilanek, Iris NoÌbauer, Jomo Zeil, Felix Ganzer / Supervisors : BASEhabitat, Roland Gnaiger, Michael Zinner, Clemens Quirin. Image: Johannes Sebastian Vilanek

10. The Great Wall of Western Australia (Pilbara, Western Australia)

The Great Wall of Western Australia (Pilbara, Western Australia, Oceania) / Luigi Rosselli. Image: Edward Birch

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