Vibrant Hummingbirds of Costa Rica

Vibrant Hummingbirds of Costa Rica
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Back in 2012 I visited the small village of Mindo in Ecuador where I spent my days getting lost in remote cloud forests, surrounded by the most beautiful birds I'd ever seen. It was a hub of Hummingbird happiness.
There wasn't a week that went by after that trip that I didn't dream of being immersed once more in lush green forests with the sweet buzz of darting hummingbirds filling my eardrums.
I finally had the chance at a similar experience this past May when I took off towards the rainy mountains of Costa Rica.

In my previous blog, Life Inside A Hummingbird Nest, I shared a selection of photos and video footage from my springtime Hummingbird Project. Sticking with the Hummingbird theme, I want to share a collection of images I captured on that dream trip to the Caribbean Slope and Talamanca Mountain regions of Costa Rica early this summer.

This collection is quite different from my typical style of imagery. I wanted to compose a sequence of images that were consistent beyond the subject. These images are intended to focus on the beauty of the birds themselves, leaving the background to your imagination. Let it run wild!

Fiery-Throated Hummingbird - by Alexis Coram

Green Breasted Mango - by Alexis Coram

Green Violet Ear - by Alexis Coram

2015-09-24-1443065471-429054-Hummer2.jpgPurple-Crowned Woodnymph and Rufous Tailed Hummingbird - by Alexis Coram

Green Hermit - by Alexis Coram

White Necked Jacobin (Male & Female) - by Alexis Coram

Brown Violet Ear - by Alexis Coram

My trip included stays at a couple of wonderful lodges tucked away in the middle of nature. If you're traveling to Costa Rica and want a true rainforest experience, I recommend the wonderful Rancho Naturalista. If you're interested in Quetzals and other species of Hummingbird, Paraiso Quetzal Lodge is a must-stay.

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