9 Pieces Of Stunning Letterpress Stationery You Want And Need

This Stunning Stationery Will Give You A Reason To Send Some Mail

Photo credit: Rootytootoot/Flickr

The fine yet dying art of letterpress shouldn't just be reserved for wedding invitations and baby announcements. These meticulously crafted paper products offer a glimpse back to a time when the world didn't move so quickly. Plus, there's just something about handwritten cards and letters that warms the heart. The extra time, care and love it takes to sent a snail-mail note is underutilized, but so appreciated.

With that said, we rounded up a list of nine letterpress companies that are creating or selling the type of stunning paper products that could totally revive the industry. Now all we need are some stamps!

To buy: "Skull" Silhouette note cards, $18 (Set of 6).

To Buy: Custom stationary, price upon request.

To buy: "Will You Be My..." cards, $6.50/each.

To buy: Constellation greeting cards, $6/each.

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