Stunning Camouflage Artist Turns The Human Body Into A Canvas

Can you spot the body?

Our bodies are permeable shields, protecting our glorious, gushy insides from harm's way. They act as the barrier between our guts and veins and blood and the many wonders of the external world. Of course, get a little creative with your paint set, and this seemingly fixed blockade becomes far more muddled. 

Take performance artist and photographer Cecilia Paredes, for example. The Peruvian artist -- now based part time in Philadelphia -- weaves herself into the fabric of her surroundings using painstaking repetition and attention to detail. The chameleon artist becomes one with her surroundings, camouflaging herself against various mosaics, carpets and crumpled bunches of fabric. 

Paredes' hypnotic photo performances will soon be on view in Texas in an exhibition titled "Cecilia Paredes: The Wandering Flight." As the title implies, the show centers around the universal desire to fly -- and the ideas of freedom, rebellion and catharsis associated with such an act. Melding her body with unnatural representations of natural forms, Paredes toys with the common equations of nature and reality. "I think that in these works, aesthetics bind with the anthropologic in order to register fragments of personal and social memory," the artist explained in a statement.

Erasing the line between body and background, throwing what's real into question in both the artist and her backdrop, Paredes rips off the stable ground beneath her viewers' feet, in a way, inviting them to fly. 

"The Wandering Flight" is on view from Sept. 3 until Oct. 10, 2015 at Ruiz-Healy Art in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Corinthians - 3/7 2014 photo performance, 49 x 49"
  • Forbidden Fruit - 1/7 2015 photo performance, 43 x 42"
  • PP-2014-1-12-3 001
    Calabria - 1/7 2015 photo performance, 40 x 48"
    PP-2014-1-12-3 001
  • En tus alturas (In the Height of Your Sky) - 3/7 2014
  • Silk - 1/7 2015 photo performance, 43 x 40"
  • La Dorsal - 4/7 2014 photo performance, 43 x 45"
  • Le Jardin - 1/7 2015 photo performance, 36 x 44"
  • Shawl II found feathers and pigment, 39 x 34"


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