9 Stunning Staircases That Really Steal The Spotlight (PHOTOS)

What if the most gorgeous room in your home wasn't really a room after all? Well, with these jaw-dropping staircases that's exactly the case. From their ultra-modern designs to their bold pops of color, these passageways from our friends at Porch.com prove that a blank canvas doesn't always have four walls and a doorway.

If you could redesign your home's staircase, would you choose any of these? Tell us in the comments.

Sometimes you can let clean lines and sleek accents make a statement...
Interlock House by Coop 15, PC
...and other times you can let the spiral design speak for itself.
Lot 28 by Timothy F. White
Just don't forget to bring the space together with complimentary art and florals.
New American Home by Phil Kean Designs
Because a quality staircase works in any -- and every -- room in the house.
18th Street by Rossington Architecture
A grand piano couldn't be a more perfect accessory.
Last House on the Left by Siemasko + Verbridge
Though unique lighting does the trick quite nicely as well.
NeMo by Phil Kean Designs
Go incredibly traditional...
Victorian Splendor by Siemasko + Verbridge
...or extremely modern for a bolder take.
West Village Loft by Paul Cha Architect
And never (ever) forget the power of a bright pop of color.
New Construction by Y.A. Studio

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