Stunning Works Of Macro Photography Ask You To Look Closer

The world will never look the same.

From a distance, an eye looks like nothing more than a little black marble. The closer you get, however, the more peculiarities begin to bubble up to the surface -- the specks of gold and green, a reflection of light, hints of moisture that build up around the edges.

Look closer and you'll begin to notice a single eyeball has more detail than you could possibly digest. But, of course, a camera can capture it all. Easily. 

This week the people at EyeEm Photo Blog challenged photographers professional and amateur to have a go at macro photography, the art of capturing the world's most diminutive visual treasures. The resulting images depict the pillowy texture of flower petals, the opalesque glow of water droplets, the furry exterior of a string of thread. The following image proves the immense richness of the world around us, if we take the time to look closer. 

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