Stunningly Ugly Americans

whitesq.jpgYou will have to search far and wide, long and hard, possibly for the rest of your life, to find a more repugnant performance than Karl Rove's "rap" at the White House Sycophants Dinner last night. Here's the video, look at it before you read any further.

Where to begin? The repetitive joking about tearing off the heads of small animals by the chief advisor to the man who passed his childhood days blowing up frogs with firecrackers? The repulsive "comedian" making between-the-lines allusions to child molestation? The alleged journalist David Gregory crawling so far up Karl Rove's ass that you can see his head coming out of Rove's mouth?

Pooh-pooh the Bush/Hitler comparisons all you want, but this hideous display of otherworldly shamelessness on the part of EVERYONE ON THE STAGE AND EVERYONE WHO LAUGHED OR APPLAUDED evokes nothing so much as those home movies of Hitler, Goering and pals partying while millions were being annihilated. This clip will be referenced by future historians as a key moment in the ongoing progression of America's forfeiting all claims of moral superiority over any other nation.

If you can watch this horrific thing without your stomach churning, call a mortician. You're already dead.