Watch This Fearless Stuntwoman Fly Over An Active Volcano

For Roberta Mancino, the fiery flight was a dream come true.

Just when you thought wingsuit base jumping couldn't possibly get more extreme, Italian athlete, thrill-seeker and model Roberta Mancino decided to toss in a boiling lake of lava.

In a promotional video posted Thursday by GoPro, Mancino is seen leaping from a helicopter at 15,000 feet and buzzing over the top of Villarrica -- one of Chile's most active volcanoes.

"[It] was insane," she wrote in a post to Facebook, adding she could feel the volcano's heat and turbulence, and smell its smoke.

In its post, GoPro said flying a wingsuit over an active volcano has been a longtime dream of Mancino's. After years of training, she saw that dream come true in Chile, accompanied during the jump by professional base jumpers Sebastian Alvarez and Carlos Pedro Briceño.

Riding a shark, skydiving naked and, now, flying over a volcano -- wonder what else she's got on her bucket list?

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