(Stupid) Things Parents Say

<p><em>Parents say the darndest things.....</em></p>

Parents say the darndest things.....

Every now & then there are some things that I hear people say that just make me wanna run my nails across a chalkboard. Statements that are so utterly annoying and obnoxious, that I question the intelligence of the person who said it. Children are known to say some pretty ridiculous things but sometimes parents can say some equally outrageous things:

“My kid is special” – Everyone is special. That’s right, everyone. No two people are made just alike, so saying that your kid is special is a little redundant.

“My kid is amazing” – Oh really?! What makes your kid so amazing? Can your kid stand on their head & recite the national anthem in Latin at the same time? Does your kid understand quantum physics or did they win a Nobel Peace Prize before they hit grade school? Do they have some magical hidden talent or possess a highly sought after skill? I understand that your kid doesn’t have to be the best kid in the whole wide world to be considered amazing but that’s a pretty lofty claim to make. Most adults aren’t amazing, so how can a kid be?

“I would die for my kid” – A lot of people have put themselves in harm’s way to help rescue a child even if it’s not their own. How many times have you heard stories where a stranger ran out in front of traffic to protect a little child or got injured because they were shielding someone else’s child from a horrific accident from a rabid animal? Yes, there are some people out there that would do some pretty bad things to little kids but for the most part no one would purposely harm a little child. It goes without saying that a parent would put their lives at risk for their child.

“My kid is so smart” – Good grades don’t automatically make a kid smart, so what does this even mean? Why do parents think their children are smarter than anyone else’s? Because they can read or count? But wait, isn’t that what kids do – learn stuff? We did the same things when we were kids so what makes your child so different? I really would like to know why most parents think their kid is a child genius when most of them are just normal with average intelligence.

“My kid is beautiful” – You don’t say?! And no one else’s is? Although no parent wants to admit it not all babies or children are physically beautiful. Of course, your child is beautiful in your eyes but that doesn’t necessarily make your child beautiful to others. Besides, children usually look like their parents. So if you’re saying they’re attractive, you are indirectly complimenting yourself. I’m not surprised when someone says their kid is beautiful; after all, kids are just a reflection of their parents.

Are you a parent? Have you said any of these things? Why do you think your kids are so special or so smart? Be honest…..