Stupid Yahoo Answers: The 15 Silliest, Most Mind-Numbing Things Web Users Want To Know

young business woman sitting at ...
young business woman sitting at ...

There are such things as stupid questions.

Some people wonder why their sperm is so powerful, while others ponder if it's okay for a dog to watch them pee -- either way, it's sadly entertaining to watch the dumb digital chatter on the Yahoo! Answers forum, a service that lets users "ask and answer questions on any topic."

"Why not share your facts, opinions and personal experiences with the Yahoo! Answers community?" the Yahoo Answers "product tour" page asks. We'll tell you why not...actually, we'll show you.

Check out the gallery (below), featuring ridiculous questions (and answers!) from Yahoo users that have us wondering about the general sanity of the world. Which post was your favorite (or horrified you the most)? Let us know in the comments section. Then, check out our gallery of 15 things Twitter tells us about humanity, or flip through these 14 Facebook notifications we'd actually want to see.

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15 Dumb Questions (And Answers) On Yahoo!

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