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Style Deal Breakers: The 10 Biggest Fashion Faux Pas Guys Make (PHOTOS)

"Sex and the City" viewers will remember the scene where Charlotte York writes off a guy who buys her carnations, while Carrie Bradshaw would "throw away a guy for wearing Docksiders or Topsiders or any of the above."

As openminded as we'd like to be, everyone's got their style deal breakers, those men's fashion faux pas that have us bolting the other direction. This writer, for example, has a virulently strong aversion to pleated pants -- khakis in particular. For others, it's too-saggy pants or sophomoric graphic tees.

Of course, as Charlotte pointed out on "Sex and The City," "None of that matters with the right guy." But until the right guy comes along, men should take note. Here's a roundup of some of our biggest style deal breakers. Tell us if you agree or disagree -- and submit your own!

Style Deal Breakers