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Style Swap: What Happens When A Conservative Dresser Embraces Seriously Outlandish Prints? (PHOTOS)

Every once in a while we get an urge to shake things up a bit. To push people (a little) out of their comfort zones, style-wise. That's where Style Swap comes in: We take two people -- each with a very unique look of her own -- and have them switch. This week, we swapped styles on two HuffPost editors.

Emma Mustich, who is from Connecticut, is an associate editor for HuffPost Parents. "My style is very conservative; I wear lots of black and brown," she told us. "I tend to go for the most basic iteration of everything -- I don't like logos or prints on clothes. I have a couple of outfits in rotation, so I just choose one of those, and they usually include a black dress or black pants."

Anthonia Akitunde is the associate editor of HuffPost50. Originally from Kansas City, she counts Tracee Ellis Ross and Rachel Roy as her style icons. Her love for flare is evident in her clothes: Anthonia showed up at our shoot in sequined pants, a chambray shirt and earrings as big as pothole covers. She had this to say on her style: "I like femininity, but with a tomboyish flare. My parents are Nigerian and they would bring crazy printed fabrics home from their trips there, and when I was a kid I rebelled against the prints. I embraced loud prints and bold colors around two years ago; I have more confidence in my decisions and I feel OK with what I like."

Check out the ladies as they swapped their styles.

Style Swap

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