Style Tips: How To Dress Like A French Woman

Style Tips: How To Dress Like A French Woman
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We just got back from a vacation to France and it was hard to ignore the fact that French women eat better, drink better, and definitely dress better! French women really do have effortless style. So what is it about the French style that is so appealing? French women have this great attitude about them-like they are not trying so hard and they know what they like and don’t like. They also tend to find their style and they stick with it. Overall the French women’s style tends to be simple, minimalist, and unfussy.

Here are my top 10 style tips for dressing like a French Woman:

1. Don’t follow trends but instead develop your own signature style.

2. Start with the basics. French women build their wardrobe around fabulous basics such as this white tee or this silk tank.

3. Less is more. Uncomplicated and simple outfits are the way to go. Keep your look simple and chic and best if you can make it look like you didn’t spend any time putting your outfit together. This is one of the biggest secrets to dressing like a French woman.

4. Find a great tailor. It’s important to buy clothes that fit well but it’s equally important to find a tailor who can make the appropriate adjustments so that your clothes are flattering and fit perfectly .

5. Invest in a fabulous trench coat. It’s the perfect layering piece for the fall and winter season and you can wear it with just about anything in your wardrobe. Style it by rolling up the sleeves and scrunching up the collar.

6. When building your wardrobe know which pieces to spend more on and invest in. Always invest in a signature pair of flats, and an everyday tote, and a well fitting blazer. These items will surely elevate your look.

7. Keep accessories minimal but have a few chic pieces that define your style such as a printed scarf or oversized sunglasses.

8. Incorpate black into you wardrobe. If you’re looking to tap into French style then add black along with other neutrals like grey and navy. And black doesn’t have to be boring-play around with textures and fabrics. This little black dress is the perfect piece to add to your wardrobe and this long black cashmere cardigan is super cozy and chic.

9. The perfect jeans. So what kind of jeans do you need? As far as color goes it’s best to stick with dark blue and black and for the cut go for the style and pair that you love and that fits you best.

10. Lastly, have a lot of confidence!

Are you looking to build a french inspired wardrobe? Here are the top 10 French wardrobe essentials to add to your fall and winter wardrobe.

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