Styling the Modern Man

Men and women can equally be insecure and it takes some time to push them out of their comfort zone. But men more than women can look clueless when tackling styling.
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Styling is a great fun job. However there's a misconception, people tend to think that styling men is easier than women. Men and women can equally be insecure and it takes some time to push them out of their comfort zone. But men more than women can look clueless when tackling styling.

My advice for the men out there: Pull yourself together. Always. Everywhere. Every occasion has minimum standards. Try to meet them.

Now when talking style, it is strongly recommended to combine classic with a bit of contemporary, try to mix function with a bit of flair, and above all, achieve an individual style that works for you. Shouldn't be too hard right? The first place to start with is a man's closet's basics.

The list of basic essentials that should constitute the wardrobe of every stylish man is not particularly long.

• A White Button Down Shirt
This is the most versatile item in your wardrobe. Opt for a cotton one. The shirt's collar shouldn't constrict your neck. Shirts should be close to the body but not so tight the buttons pop out. You should be able to move without the shirt untucking. Your shirt's cuffs should end where your palm begins.

• A Pale Blue Shirt
An essential workaday item, this. Wear with a tie in a darker shade of blue, you'll always look elegant.

• A navy blue crew neck jumper
A cotton mix crew neck in an adaptable shade of navy can be worn with pretty much everything.

• Slim Chinos
A good alternative to jeans. Wear with a shirt, shirt and jacket, t-shirt, t-shirt and bomber, the options are endless.

P.S: If you like cargo pants, go for the modern approach and buy a pair with tapered legs. Wear them with a button down, a blazer and sand colored desert boots.
A major detail to take into consideration is the correct length trousers: They should be long enough to kiss the shoes yet short enough to show your socks when seated.

• Suits
If you wear a suit to work (and even if you don't) you should always own more than one. A blue single-breasted option is the perfect place to start, you can add a charcoal suit and a light grey one (pick the right shade of grey for your skin color).

• Denim Shirt
The denim shirt replaces the denim jacket.

Shoes are one of the most important item in a look. Never compromise on the shoes choice.

• Brown Suede Chelsea boots
Understated, chic and as easy to wear, the brown suede Chelsea boots, can be worn with smarter looks as they are with jeans, and serves you all year round.

• Simple Sneakers
These speak for themselves. Opt for white, this season they're a must-have! And if you're stylishly adventurous enough team them with a suit!

• Tan Derbies
Brilliant with navy and just as good with grey, a pair of tan derbies works as well with denim as it will with more traditional tailoring.

• A Pair Of Black Lace-Ups
Every man needs a pair of chic black lace-ups. They can be worn with a suit. Wear with jeans and you're sartorially dead!

• Slim Indigo Selvedge Jeans
A good pair of jeans should be slim, but not too tight, stiff but not so stiff and they should also be blue, naturally.

• A Good Quality White T-Shirt
Because this will go with everything you own. Just be sure to invest in something cut from high quality cotton. Everything looks better with age. Except white T-shirts. Those look better new.

• A Beige Trench
A proper double breasted trench coat.

• A Light Bomber
The bomber might be big right now, but this is one style that's unlikely to go out of fashion so invest in a simple, slim cut in a dark shade of cotton or light technical fabric.

• Statement Jacket
Opt for a pale cotton, a silk wool mix single or double breasted. Make sure the jacket collar allows 2cms of your shirt collar to show. When your arms are at your sides, the sleeves should cover your wrist but no further. And when it comes to the blazer length, make sure the second button from the bottom rest above your belly button.

And they say true style is in the detail plus a hefty splash of confidence.
So why don't you:

Pop In A Pocket Square
The most basic pocket squares are the white ones. It's okay to match the color of your pocket square with your tie, but you can pick something with a pattern or an exuberant color too.

Mix Similar Shades
Attitude makes or breaks a look. Dressing with an individual style underlines your personality. My ultimate tip would be to mix shades of the same color. It always looks effortless and sophisticated.

And remember the golden rules:
Fitted is good. Snug is dicey. Tight is just wrong.
Never use wire hangers.
Your tie knot should always conceal the collar band behind it.
A watch should be worn securely around your wrist.
A man can never own too many pairs of socks. Choose a color in harmony with the shoe as opposed to the trouser.
Do not forget to remove the brand label off the jacket sleeve.
Do not forget to cut open the thread on the back vent and the pockets.

And do not forget fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.