Styling Tricks to Help Boost your Self-Confidence

Ladies, many us of don’t allow ourselves to fully immerse in the joy of enjoying our personal sense of style simply because we fear rejection and lack confidence. We are constantly waiting to achieve the perfect body so we can flaunt the trends we adore and the dresses we always hoard up but never muster the courage to flaunt.

It’s about time we gave up on that un-ending quest for the perfect body, and start flaunting what nature gave us with pride.

Here are all the tricks that can help you boost your self-confidence:

Get Rid of Body Hang-ups

All those bizarre and unrealistic hang-ups that you have about your body are stopping you from channeling your personal style with confidence. They may be valid and quite prominent, but you don’t have to roam the streets in absolute rags until you achieve the perfect body image. Having the perfect body is not a necessary to flaunt a phenomenal sense of style, all you need is self-confidence. Besides, dressing well will help you feel positive about your appearance.

Emphasize your Beauty Assets

Even the immaculately dressed and gorgeously glossy supermodels aren’t the perfect goddesses that we deem them to be. Imperfection is a human reality, and the trick is to just play up your best features. We all adore some of our features and absolutely hate certain others, so it all comes down to realizing your best assets and flaunting them with boldness.

If you have a phenomenally sexy pair of curvy legs, flaunt them with above-the-knee dress, and if you have a lusciously busty figure, don’t hide it away, but in fact, rock it with confidence.

The Art of Fabric

Each fabric has its own characteristics that look flattering on certain body types, and not-so-flattering on certain others. High sheen fabrics attract light, hence they are not a good choice for women who want to shroud away a protruding tummy or a chunk of cellulite drooping from the inner thighs (we all have it).

On the other, matte fabrics are a fabulous pick to play down these problem areas and give a slimmed-down effect. If you want to play up a beauty asset, for instance, a busty chest, pick out glossy and sheen fabrics.

Closet Detox

There are certain clothes, for instance a pair of jeans that never fits, or a dress that makes you feel too fat, that ruin our mood by making us feel bad about our body image. Woman, you cannot allow clothes to make you feel bad about your gorgeous body, throw them out this instance!

Powerful Colors

Colors are the best way to radiate confidence, drop subtle remarks, and channel a different energy every single day. You need to pick out colors that flatter your mood and your physical attributes. Flaunt the colors that uplift your mind, energize your personality and play up your features, which could be your hair color, or even your eye color.

Personally, I feel that dark colors are a great trick to slim down the waist, while bright colors always help drive away Monday blues and lighten up my day. Lastly, there is absolutely nothing in the world that cannot be fixed with a bold pop of bright red lipstick!

Have a super positive day!

Alison Vaughn

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