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How To Wear Trousers Without Looking Like Your Grandpa

Ever since we saw Diane Keaton sporting them in Annie Hall, we’ve been intrigued by menswear-inspired trousers. Now, they've made a comeback in a big way, and while we've been eyeing them on the racks, we can’t seem to let go of the slim-cut silhouette that we know and love.

In an effort to help you make the leap and ensure that your style IQ is in tip-top shape, we’ve partnered with Suave to bring you nine different ways to wear this fashion item of the moment. With inspiration like this, there’s no need to worry about what you’ll wear with your great new pair of pants.

Who said suspenders were just for men? We love that this trendy look has a little yin and yang: a feminine top and strappy heels balanced with menswear-inspired trousers and suspenders.

One of the safest ways to try out this silhouette is with a monochromatic color scheme. Add extra oomph to your outfit with a hat (if you’re feeling daring) and break up the head-to-toe black with a long, printed scarf.

Structured leather pieces can add an edge to any outfit, and they're a surprising companion to classic trousers. Balance flowing, feminine trousers with a leather top (or jacket, if you prefer).

For a more classic, preppy look, try a fitted blazer with trousers. The roomy fit adds visual interest but keeps this outfit business casual.

For a simple, yet sophisticated outfit, pair your trousers with a sweater. To elongate the look of your legs, throw on a pair of pointed shoes to tie everything together.

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For a hippie-inspired look, get a hold of patterned trousers (the more colorful, the better!) and pair it with a unique top, like the below with fringe. You’ll be nothing short of a confident fashionista in this outfit.

We love this '40s-inspired look. Emphasize the classic feel of trousers with a well-tailored shirt, high waistline and a cheeky newsboy cap.

Checkered trousers are an especially eye-catching look for the fall. Pair with a plain shirt and loafer-style shoes to be comfortable and casual.

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To continue with the casual trend, throw on a sweater and denim jacket to complement patterned trousers. A statement necklace will add extra flair and bring the whole look together.