Stylish Bedroom Ideas From House of Hipster's Online Interior Design Project

The first step in any design (including online interior design) process is to define the style you want to achieve. Create a Pinterest or Houzz board of rooms or looks you love, and make quick notes about what you like.
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Easy, fun, affordable and the end result? Wow. This is how blogger Kyla Herbes of House of Hipsters described her recent online interior design bedroom project. Kyla had never used an online interior design service and was very curious about how they worked, and if she could get the great end result she wanted-all working with a designer virtually. "I don't want to spend thousands on my bedroom, but I want it to look like I spent thousands-I'm looking for a designer who can really update my look affordably."

Kyla took the plunge and enlisted Decorist to take her bedroom from a "hot mess" to a pulled together oasis. Read on to learn about Kyla's experience with an online service and see the top bedroom design ideas Decorist designer Ashley Redmond used to transform Kyla's room.


Top Five Bedroom Ideas from Kyla's Online Interior Design Project:

1. Define Your Style. The first step in any design (including online interior design) process is to define the style you want to achieve. Create a Pinterest or Houzz board of rooms or looks you love, and make quick notes about what you like. Kyla knew she wanted to take her bedroom into a new direction overall -- she wanted to have an updated, modern look but keep a warm and inviting feel. Once she created her inspiration boards, it also became clear she wanted neutral tones, warm woods and a coordinated, pulled together look.

One of Kyla's Inspiration Photos, from Smitten Studios

Using this inspiration, Decorist matched Kyla to designer Ashley Redmond who is an expert at designing in this eclectic, mid century inspired style. "Inspiration boards can really help the customer pinpoint the look they want by putting images to ideas they have in their heads, and it really helps the online design process by giving the designer a jumping off point. Kyla did a great job of communicating what she was going for with her Pinterest boards," says Ashley.

2. Ditch the Matchy Match Pieces. Whether your style is modern or classic, too many matching pieces can bring down the look of a room. As part of the design process, Ashley sent Kyla two design concepts for her to react to. These concepts showed Kyla she could have that pulled together look without using all of her matching pieces.

Decorist Concept Board 1

Decorist Concept Board 2

Ashley recommended that she part with her current matching set of bedside tables and bedframe. "You can achieve a coordinated look by focusing on similar tones in a room instead of buying pieces that match perfectly," says Ashley. By using white and medium brown tones to create a cohesive foundation and then recommending two different but complimentary bedside tables, Kyla's re-designed bedroom still looks coordinated, but in a much more sophisticated way.

As she reveals in her blog post, Kyla chose concept two and Ashley was off to the races creating the final design for Kyla's bedroom. Read on for the final bedroom design ideas Ashley used to get to the fabulous finish line.

A First Glimpse of the After: No More Matchy Matchy! /Photo: House of Hipsters

3. Source from A Number of Retailers. To get a pulled together, designed look that has depth and sophistication, you want to resist the temptation to buy many of your pieces from one retailer. Ashley chose pieces from over 20 retailers to create a thoughtful, well-designed room based on Kyla's second design concept. Online interior designers are experts at just that -- finding those online treasures that make a room look much more expensive that it really is, and not like it all came from one store.

After Number Two: Retailer Variety Creates Depth /Photo: House of Hipsters

4. Use a Statement Piece. Statement pieces do not need to be big, expensive pieces of art. Ashley chose an affordable sculptural bentwood light and hung it in the corner instead of the center of the room. "You really notice it, and it acts like a piece of art, setting the tone for the room," says Ashley.

A Sculptural Pendant Light is a Big Statement /Photo: House of Hipsters

5. Add Personal Elements. The finishing touches of any room should be personal. Kyla's new bedroom is full of pieces that tell her story. Whether it's a treasured photo or a found objet from a family vacation, incorporate the pieces that bring you joy.

Photo: House of Hipsters

As Kyla now says, "No longer shall we hear, 'I would love to hire an interior designer, but I can't afford one' because Decorist takes your room and redesigns it to perfection for just a small fee."

The Final Reveal! /Photo: House of Hipsters

Feeling Inspired to make a change by these bedroom ideas? Let us help you start your room design project today!

Want to read more about Kyla's online interior design project with Decorist? It's all here on House of Hipster.

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