Timeless And Surprisingly Trendy Cowboy Boots For Women

Get them from popular brands retailers like Free People, Urban Outfitters, Steve Madden, Amazon and more.
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Madewell, Urban Outfitters, ASOS
Mescalero boots at Madewell, Steve Madden boots at Urban Outfitters and Public Desire boots at ASOS.

Summer shoe trends tend to skew breezy and open-toed. Sandals and slides reign supreme, which makes sense when the weather is hot and sticky. But sometimes, your little toes just need a bit more coverage. Enter the summer cowboy boot. Whether you’re partaking in an activity that requires more coverage or simply want to mix up your look, a summer boot is a statement shoe that looks great with a sundress or some cool shorts and an easy tee.

This Western-style shoe has been spotted on some of our fave influencers and celebs, like Emma Chamberlain, Emily Ratajkowski and others, making it the sandal alternative of the season. In general, cowboy boots are a pretty significant financial investment — the result of high-quality materials like leather and attention to small details like stitching. Luckily, the timelessness of the style makes dropping a chunk of change on a truly chic pair of cowboy boots a solid investment in our books.

Below, we’ve rounded up a few of the cutest, most versatile and wearable cowboy boots we could find. You might be surprised to find that this nostalgic American style is just the addition your closet needs.

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Universal Thread Shana cowboy boots
Available in two colors, these jaunty and cool cowboy boots are ankle height, which is a great alternative for those who want more breathing room in the leg area. They have a two-inch block heel, zipper closure and a memory foam insole, making them as comfortable as they are good-looking.
Free People Roundhouse stitch boots
How cool are these boho-style low-heeled cowboy boots from Free People? This dreamy shoe is made of oh-so-soft leather and meticulously adorned with embroidery. It has a relaxed fit and hits mid-calf for an easy, casual summer look.
Steve Madden Lasso cowboy boot
Available in green or black, this knee-high western Steve Madden boot is set to become your next wardrobe staple. It has intricate whipstitch details that give the boots an elegant and timeless look, making the significant investment worth it.
Mescalero Mezcal boot
Available in black or white, these distressed boots from Mescalero are part of Madewell Marketplace, so make note of the fact that they can’t be returned in stores. These stunning boots make a statement without being over the top, adding a hint of the southwest to any ensemble. They’re devastatingly chic with delicate yet bold stitching.
dELiA*s by Dolls Kill Free Luv Nation colorblock cowboy boots
These color block vegan leather cowboy boots are perfect for those looking for a cruelty-free option. They’re vivid and eye-catching, making them a great compliment to a more neutral look. Everyone needs a good statement shoe, and this one fits the bill perfectly.
Public Desire Howdy Western boots in metallic mix
How fun are these glammy boots at ASOS? The metallic sheen adds an element of pizzazz to a party vibe that doesn't take itself too seriously. They have a color block design, pull tabs to get your feet in quickly and easily, pointed toes and a two-inch block heel that is comfy to walk (or dance) in all night long.
Coconuts By Matisse Gaucho boot
These popular boots on Amazon come in seven neutral colors that will go with just about every aesthetic, adding a hint of country to even the toughest city slicker look. They have a traditional stacked heel that is comfortable, durable and looks much more expensive than it is.
Jeffrey Campbell Dagget boot
Available in 10 different colors, this flirty boot by Jeffrey Campbell is as chic as it gets. It features classic Western-inspired stitching, side pull tabs and a pointed toe. Keep it simple with a neutral shade or go bold with a vivid lime green hue or cow print.
Hisea cowboy boots
Available in four different colors, these cowboy boots are classic. They have traditional western embroidery from the shaft to the foot of the boot, a snip toe and iconic wooden heel made comfortable and safe with a rubber sole. Made of synthetic leather, they're soft, durable and, best of all, affordable.
Ranch Road Boots Hibiscus Desert Cognac boots
Get an authentic and vintage-style look with these sweet shoes from Ranch Road Boots. They have a classic silhouette that is slightly updated with a square-ish toe and block heel. The boots feature a lovely Saguaro desert night design that is both sophisticated and rustic.
Charles Albert cowboy boot
Available in nine colors, these classic boots are simple yet deceptively cool. They are easy to throw on and pair with anything from jeans to a shirt or a flirty sundress. They’re the perfect boot for those days when you just don’t know how to kick your outfit up a notch.
Vionic Sienna boot
If you can't quite commit to a full cowboy boot look but want to capture a hint of the aesthetic, check out Vionic's Sienna boot. It's made with soft, seam-sealed waterproof nubuck that looks as rustic and timeless as the materials used for a western boot. It has an interior zipper, buckle detail and comfortable block heel.

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