11 Stylish Filing Cabinets That Aren’t Eyesores

Get both form and function with these super sleek filing cabinets that don’t look like filing cabinets.
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Ever gone shopping for a specific product only to find that every option on the market is just plain ugly? In our series Not Hideous, we suss out the best high-performance buys that aren’t total eyesores. Function, meet form.

You don’t often hear the terms “stylish” and “filing cabinets” used in the same sentence. Typically hulking metal furniture used to house bills and birth certificates, filing cabinets are obstructive, squeaky and, all above, ugly.

Or so you thought. They now making good-looking filing cabinets. I mean, really, really, ridiculously good-looking filing cabinets. Office storage that looks like luxury furniture that you’ll be happy to have in your home.

Whether you’re upgrading your work-from-home space or just need to bring some order to your papers, we’ve rounded up a selection of eye-catching and chic filing cabinets that you’ll swoon over. While we can’t guarantee they’ll make work any more enjoyable, we’re pretty sure you’ll like storing all your letters and documents in these dazzling drawers.

We’ve also given the dimensions of every item listed, so you can see what fits best in your space. Some have wheels, some have hidden drawers and some have a mix of vertical and horizontal storage. All of them are so pretty, you’ll forget that they’re meant for holding all your boring papers.

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A natural wood cabinet with textured detailing
Warm your home office with this textured compact filing cabinet. At 20.6 inches by 26.2 inches, it's a statement piece that's super easy to style.
A futuristic mobile cabinet
Give your home office a pop of color with this compact red cabinet. It has hidden wheels allowing you to grab you papers with ease and comes in four other more neutral colors, all with inset handles. It measures 16 by 24 inches, so it should fit nicely under your desk.
A versatile printer stand with a spacious filing drawer
Keep everything all in one place with this multi-use shelving unit with a bottom filing drawer. Measuring 31.4 inches by 43.31 inches, it can keep your printer at waist level, offering you organization for books, files, letters and all other office needs.
A rustic chic dark wood filing cabinet with open space
A perfect mix of concealed, closed drawers and super accessible open space, this dark wood filing cabinet is ideal for any home work space. It measures 17.7 inches by 25.9 inches and has wheels on the bottom, making it easy to move around.
A dual cabinet with pull-out drawers and open shelves
Show off your books, plants or other trinkets and keep your papers organized and tucked away with this dual filing cabinet. It measures 31.5 inches by 29.5 inches and has holes in the exposed shelves to manage cords or cables.
A compact natural wood cabinet you can slide into smaller spaces
Inspired by Scandinavian design, this sleek filing cabinet will keep your papers organized without adding a big metal behemoth to your home office. It comes on four wheels, so it's easy to move around, and measures 21 inches by 20 inches.
A mid-century modern cabinet that will elevate your office
With slim legs and beveled edges, this midcentury-inspired lateral file is a timeless piece that looks right out of the 1960s. It measures 36 inches by 29.5 inches and has two spacious drawers.
A vegan leather cabinet for some visual interest
Bring some warmth and texture into your workspace with this 1970s Italian-design-inspired wood and faux leather file cabinet. It has tapered feet and four drawers and is 18.25 inches by 31.25 inches.
An ornate stacking cabinet that looks like an antique
Is this the filing-cabinet version of the apothecary table that was the subject of a classic “Friends” episode? With a transitional hardwood design and dark brass pulls, it looks like a classic piece you dragged home from the flea market, but with all the ease of an online purchase. It measures 55 inches by 20.75 inches and comes in this dark chestnut and a light wood.
A patterned cabinet made from mango wood
You never knew a filing cabinet could be an eye-catching statement piece! This carved mango wood cabinet measures 19 inches by 25 inches and has two pull out drawers.
A super colorful modern cabinet on wheels
Calling all color lovers: This sliding three-drawer piece comes in 16 bright colors, bringing order and happiness to any workspace. It's a powder-coated stainless steel cabinet that will keep you on track and is easy to wipe down and measures 15.75 inches by 24 inches.

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