10 Signs You're The 'Stylish One' In Your Group Of Friends

Different style is what makes the world go round, but in every group of friends, there's always one person whose sartorial savvy rises above the rest. She might work in the fashion industry, or simply has a keen interest in the subject. Either way, she can be spotted almost immediately in a given group, probably because she's wearing something everyone else thinks is absurd.

There are perks to being "the funny one" or "the cool one." But for the style set, holding the title of most fashionable friend trumps all.

Here are 10 signs you are that person.

1. Everyone constantly sends you photos of their outfits.


2. You're the first person they call when they want to go shopping.

And of course, you are always happy to oblige.

3. They never leave your house empty-handed.

Part of every hang session involves a look through your closet, naturally.

4. They're constantly asking, "Is that new?"

And it usually is, which is a little embarrassing.

5. You bought a wide-brimmed hat, and soon everyone had wide-brimmed hats.

Talk about trendsetting.

6. People call you "the stylish one."

Which you almost always prefer to "the pretty one."

7. They sometimes question your outfit choices. ...

8. ... but hop on board eventually.

"See? I told you mom jeans would be a thing."

9. You're constantly fielding the question, "Where did you get that?"

10. They call you their style guru.

Or "expert," or "professional."

Let your stylish, studded freak flag fly, you fashionista!

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