Subscription Boxes For Kids That Are Actually Available In Canada

Because who doesn't love a great package in the mail?

Even as an adult, getting things in the mail is the best. But remember how great it was when you were a kid? There was so much anticipation just knowing that something was on the way, especially for you. Opening it felt like such a thrill.

Kids these days are lucky, because they have access to a ton of different kinds of subscription boxes that didn’t exist for previous generations. Subscriptions make a great gift, and they’re fun and educational all year round.

Here are some of the best subscription boxes for kids that are available in Canada.

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Ages: 6-12

What’s in the box? Info and resources about a new coding project, with a binder to keep them organized. Kids learn to build apps on the the Bitsbox website, and the projects amp up every month.

Monthly cost: Get it at Bitsbox for $33/month

Curiosity Box

Ages: 2-4, 5-7, and 8+

What’s in the box? Science, tech, engineering, art and math-based crafts and activities based around a theme, including books and toys.

Monthly cost: Get it at at Curiosity Box for $39.95/month

For Purpose Kids

Ages: 5-10

What’s in the box? Curated books and activities focused on specific causes (be kind, help people and communities, help animals, and protect our environment). There’s also a T-shirt, a globe, toys and stickers.

Cost per quarter: Get it at For Purpose Kids for $57. Unlike most other boxes, it ships out every 90 days, rather than every month.

Girls Can! Crate

Ages: 5-10

What’s in the box? Books about inspiring women throughout history, along with a science or art activity and a sticker. The bigger, pricier box has a longer story and also includes additional activities, a tote bag, and more crafts.

Monthly cost: Get it at Girls Can! Crate for $24.60/month for the smaller box, or $37/month for the bigger one

Green Kid Crafts

Ages: 2-4 and 5-10

What’s in the box? Themed science, tech, engineering, art or math-based crafts and activities, made with eco-friendly materials.

Monthly cost: Get it at Green Kid Crafts for $33/month

Groovy Lab in a Box

Ages: 8+

What’s in the box? STEM-themed activities, including an engineering design challenge and a lab notebook.

Monthly cost: Get it at Groovy Lab in a Box for $39.80/month


Ages: 0-2, 2-4, 5-8, 6-11, or 9-16

What’s in the box? Crafts and activities developed for specific ages, all relating to either science, tech, engineering, art or math.

Monthly cost: Get it at KiwiCo for $33.13 - $46/month, depending on age range

The Little Feminist

Ages: 0-3, 3-7 or 7-9

What’s in the box? Either one or two age-appropriate books featuring female characters, with a special focus on racialized girls and other characters who aren’t often represented in kids books. Subscriptions also include discussion questions and activities.

Monthly cost: Get it at The Little Feminist for $30/month

Little Passports

Ages: 3-5, 5-8, 6-10, 7-12, and 9+

What’s in the box? Info and toys about different parts of the world, varying by age group. The younger versions include a little suitcase, luggage tag, stickers, photos, an activity booklet, coins, toys, and letters from a “pen pal.” For older kids there’s also a U.S.-specific version, or a science version.

Monthly cost: Get it at Little Passports for $13.95 - $18.95/month, depending on age group


Ages: 4-14

What’s in the box? Recipes, activity cards and kitchen tools to make and learn about a new dish. Every month is themed, and includes info about math, science, geography and culture.

Monthly cost: Get it at Raddish for $31/month

Sensory TheraPlay

Ages: 5-9

What’s in the box? Toys and activities curated by a pediatric occupational therapist specifically for kids who are on the autism spectrum or who have sensory processing issues.

Monthly cost: Get it at Sensory TheraPlay for $53/month

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