Subversive, Sexy, And Demented: A Visual History Of Cheerleaders In Movies

Throughout cult-movie history, the American cheerleader has come to stand for something demonic, bitchy, slutty, and secretly lesbian, resulting in an archetype as American as apple pie, football, and well, cheerleading itself: the Subversive Cheerleader Genre. In honor of the latest entry to the canon, "All Cheerleaders Die," in which zombie cheerleaders eat their classmates (available today on-demand), and of course all those real life NFL cheerleaders in revolt. From the bank-robbing cheer captain in "Sugar & Spice," to the sex-crazed satanists of "Satan's Cheerleaders," to the the lethal assassins of "Ninja Cheerleaders," these ladies prove there is more to that uniform than double Russians and 50-yard-line hookups. We combed through the highlights to make you a must-watch guide to the genre. Go team!

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