Subway: 'We'll Help Avocado Go Mainstream'

Subway has added avocado as a new sandwich topping in its 22,000 U.S. locations. "We'll help avocado go mainstream," claims Subway marketing chief Tony Pace (HuffPost commenter Alice quips, "guacamole already did that").

Subway is touting this supposedly underdog fruit through TV spots with the slogan "Grab The Green," which will also promote the summer movie Green Lantern.

Although avocado has already been available in the West Coast and the Southwest Subway markets for years, it will now be available country-wide in paste form (and sliced in Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Diego markets).

For a six-inch sub, the 100% avocado paste will cost 50 cents extra, and $1 extra for a footlong. Subway is also promoting the following limited time only offers:
  • Turkey and bacon avocado sub
  • Steak, egg and cheese with avocado for breakfast
  • Subway Club with avocado
  • BLT with avocado

At the end of the summer, franchisees will decide whether to keep avocado as a permanent topping.