New Dish For Robbers At Subway -- DNA Marking

Keep your felonious fingers off our $5 footlongs!

Anyone who attempts to rob a Subway sandwich shop at one Knoxville, Tennessee, location will get something extra with their order -- a sneaky splash of synthetic DNA right in the forehead.

On Monday, one of the city's Subway franchises became the first American restaurant to install the Intruder Spray System, a security system releases a unique, traceable DNA spray on a suspected thief, reports.

Each store using the system gets DNA with its own unique code that allows investigators to trace a marked man or woman to the place that was robbed, according to

“If law enforcement apprehends him up to seven weeks following the incident, they can shine a light on him and they can see that he was marked,” Johan Larsen, the Senior Vice President of CSI Protect, the company that installed the DNA sprays, told the station.

The spray system is contained in a rectangular box placed over the doorway and is triggered by the existing security system. Employees who are also being robbed can press a button to mark a robber, according to a company spokeswoman.

Gary Holliday, the Knoxville Deputy Chief of Police, believes the spray system will be a welcome addition.

"This is a great tool because this actually shows they were there," Holliday said, according to "It's something we can test, something we can show and it'll be hard to deny that that mark is there."

The technology has been used in other countries. In 2012, it was tested in McDonald's restaurants in Australia.

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