Subway Employee Throws Soup At Man In Ghost Mask To Thwart Robbery

A man who attempted to rob a Subway Sandwich franchise disguised with a ghost mask didn't have a ghost of a chance against the employees who thwarted the robbery by throwing soup at the thug.

The attempted robbery took place Friday evening in Braidwood, Ill., when the suspect, described as a 6-foot-tall, 250-pound white man in a ghost mask, barged into the Subway looking for trouble, not a $5 footlong, reported.

An employee leaving the restaurant was forced back inside by the masked bandit, Braidwood Police Chief Rich Girot told the Chicago Sun-Times.

“He pushed her down to the floor and kept yelling to open the register,” Girot told the paper. “A male employee threw a pot of soup at the suspect and they scuffled until [the robber] ran out to a black compact car.”

Although neither employee was injured, Girot said the woman was "shaken up" and taken to a hospital for examination, reported.



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