Subway Etiquette Sign Creator, Jason Shelowitz, Told To Take Posters Down (VIDEO)

Artist's Subway Etiquette Signs To Be Removed

NEW YORK (Associated Press) - A Manhattan graphic designer who put up signs to stop bad subway etiquette has been told to take them down.

Jason Shelowitz has been posting service advisory signs in subway stations calling out the most disgusting habits.

An NYC transit spokesman said Thursday that it's against the rules to post signs in the subway stations system. The fine is $25.

Shelowitz interviewed 100 friends and riders to pinpoint the 10 most revolting subway behaviors. The list included eating, seating priority and noise pollution.

One sign reads: "Keep your hands to yourself, perv." It is signed by the Metropolitan Etiquette Authority.

The New York Post reported on his mission in Thursday's edition.

WPIX interviewed Shelowitz about his work:

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