Subway Fight Caught On Tape (VIDEO)

WATCH: Nasty Subway Fight Caught On Video

New York's subway system has, of late, been a hotbed of bizarre behavior. Fighting. Kissing (a rat). Licking (shoes). Invading. Stinking. Naked-ing. And here is this week's entry into the ongoing series New York has with itself called Let's See How Much Worse The Subways Get Once It Becomes Extremely Hot On The Platform This Summer.

(Editor's note: I was stuck at the L train Bedford stop for 15 minutes inside a car and they wouldn't even open its doors. Once they did, they let us out, told us to get on the Manhattan-bound train that was suddenly Brooklyn-bound, then at Lorimer told us to get off and take the one directly behind us. But that one was stuck between stations for 40 minutes. So it is not at all difficult to imagine something like this video following that very trip, over who-knows-what). Though, for the record, the user who uploaded the video said the fight started over a seat.

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