Subway Fight Leads To Runaway Baby Stroller (EXPLICIT VIDEO)

WATCH: Subway Fight Leads To Runaway Baby Stroller

It's got to be the heat, right?

We've got another insane subway fight we're adding to the ongoing series we've dubbed, "Let's See How Much Worse The Subways Get Once It Becomes Extremely Hot On The Platform This Summer."

As we've noted before, we've seen a lot of bad behavior from subway riders this summer: fighting over spaghetti, rat-kissing, rat attacks, nudity, and just dealing with the sheer lack of common courtesy on an every day level.

Today we bring you a new low in subway fighting: a mom misplaces her baby during the altercation.

Two women on an F train start arguing, which leads to physical fight. When the train stops the doors open, and one woman's baby in a stroller rolls out the doors, while the two ladies are still at it, with bystanders screaming about the woman's baby. It seems as though the train remained stopped for the duration of the fight so the woman didn't lose her child altogether.

WATCH (Warning: graphic language):
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