Subway Worker Remains Totally Chill, Tells Robber To 'Get A Job'

"I don’t know what took over me."

This Subway employee wasn’t standing for any silly business.

Cathy Stafford had a simple message for a robber who walked into her Warren, Ohio, eatery Tuesday and demanded she “open the fucking register.”

“Get a job,” she calmly told the unidentified man, before asking him if he was the same person hitting up other businesses in the neighborhood.

Surprised by her stoic attitude, the suspect allegedly stole just $13 from a tip jar before fleeing. Stafford’s co-worker Sierra Harper filmed the incident on her cell phone and shared the footage to Facebook:

Stafford later revealed she didn’t know “what took over” her when she started berating the man. I guess sometimes I do things I shouldn’t do and I speak, just whatever comes to my mind,” Stafford told WKBN. “It just comes out.”

It was the second time the business had been targeted in less than one week. Police said they were following up on several tips.

Harper, meanwhile, said she had been “the complete opposite” of her colleague during the attempted raid.

I was very scared,” she told WFMJ, adding she recorded the incident “to put his face out there, or his voice” because “somebody somewhere has to recognize him.”

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